Information in English

The event will be held in the Oulu Market Square on Saturday July 10th 2021 (backup date Friday July 9th).

Registration & Payment

  1. Register your team to event HERE. Select series and register team
  2. Pay Entry fee 60€ / team. LINK to payment service

Read more:

Rules of Fiba 3×3 streetball.

Entry fees:

Mens OPEN (Pro) -serie 60€ / team.
Mixed Fitness -serie 60€ / team.
Womens OPEN -serie 60€ / team.
Junior -series U17 (ages 17 and 16) U15 (ages 15 and 14) and U13 (ages 13 and 12) 60€ / team.

Force majeure In case if tournament has to be canceled (bad weather or so) organizer will return the tournament payment but reserves 10€ of the payment to cover tournament costs.

Further Information:

Street basket: person in charge of the event: Juho Teppo +35841-433 8346,