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The event will be held in the Oulu Market Square on Saturday July 11th (backup date Friday July 10th).

The street basket is organized in separate series: Men’s OPEN (PRO), Men’s FITNESS and Women´s OPEN-series and also  Junior -series. Men´s and Women´s OPEN -series are part of the Finland 3×3 tournament. Each series will be played on official street basket rules on three-four separate courts. The team usually consists minimun of three and maximun of four players. Three players on the court and rest of them are substitute players. For Firm and Junior teams amount of player are unlimited and teams can be mixed by boy- or girlplayers. The event is hosted and the final games are commentated. Organizer doesn´t cover the costs of possible injuries. Each player is responsible for his own insurance.

The series will be played in divisions with each series climaxing with the final games. Best teams of each series are awarded. Also the winning team of the MEN´s and WOMEN´s OPEN -series gets a seat in the SM 3×3 final tournament. The finals are played in the city of Espoo/Helsinki on the 5th of August.

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Entry fees:

Mens OPEN (Pro) -serie 60€ / team.
Mixed Fitness -serie 60€ / team.
Womens OPEN -serie 60€ / team.
Junior -series U17 (ages 17 and 16) U15 (ages 15 and 14) and U13 (ages 13 and 12) 60€ / team.

Force majeure In case if tournament has to be canceled (bad weather or so) organizer will return the tournament payment but reserves 10€ of the payment to cover tournament costs.

COVID-19 Due to COVID-19 situation 2020 Torikoris event is targeted for national teams only.

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Registration will be open till wednesday. Last day to registration is tuesday 9th of July.

Gameschedules will be done and sended by email on thursday the 11th. Tournament changes or important messages will be reported by email and also in facebook/torikoris.

Further Information:

Street basket: person in charge of the event: Juho Teppo +35841-433 8346,


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